Vinay Fashions Tumbaa collection exclusively at Janan The new Vinay Fashion’s Tumbaa collection is out now, exclusively at Janan. The latest collection Tumbaa doesn’t disappoint, which as proclaimed by the label themselves flaunts a rare blend of style and comfort in each unique piece. As with all Vinay collection’s the Tumbaa range too skilfully incorporates trendy western silhouettes, with intricate printed designs and vibrant colour schemes, perfect for summer.Read More
Needlez by Shalimar is a brand – who generated new art and style with complimenting needle work. Though it's formal, casual, semi-formal or digital prints; needles Shalimar has very distinct feminine essence in its designer dresses. Apart from luxury lines, in seasonal stuff like unstitched lawn prints, or unstitched seasonal designs; Shalimar portrays high-end versatility as its key attribute.Read More

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